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we send them canada goose black friday sale away with nothing

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Pakistani villagers return to destruction

JALAL WALA, Pakistan (Reuters) When the waters came, Allah Yar and his family ran for their lives. Now, four weeks later the 67 year old has come back to his village to see what is left of his house.

All that remains is a hill of bricks, the brushwood once used for the roof tangled up within it. A uk canada goose few scraps of Canada Goose Online colored clothes stand out among the rubble.

never saw such a flood in my life, says Allah uk canada goose outlet Yar as he looks at what was once Canada Goose Parka three houses for him, his two brothers and their families in the village of Jalal Wala canada goose uk outlet in southern Punjab.

had to rush out and run for our lives. There was no time to collect our things, even our clothes.

Now he hopes to build just a wall and a roof for now so he can bring the rest of his family home.

It is a story repeated across canada goose clearance southern Punjab, one of the worst hit areas in the flooding which swept down from the north west and then south toward the Arabian Sea, leaving one fifth of the countryside behind it under water.

With the waters receding, those families who can return home canada goose coats on sale are beginning to do so, trailing along embankments across the region Canada Goose online in bullock carts loaded with children and goats, driving their cattle before them.

Others are still stranded, dependent on boats or helicopters to bring them food and medicine.

The road to Jalal Wala is still partially under Canada Goose Jackets water so much so that villagers can catch fish in it. The land around cheap canada goose uk is still submerged, trees and a canada goose factory sale few houses rising above the waterline, crops rotting in the fields.

But it is accessible by truck or jeep and the villagers who have come back are trying to make the best of what little they have left.

Some grains buy canada goose jacket have been buy canada goose jacket cheap rescued from canada goose store gunny sacks and spread out in the sun to dry, giving off a cheap Canada Goose powerful stench of fermentation.

The electricity is back on and the mobile phone networks are functioning Allah Yar is able to canada goose uk black friday call his son in canada goose Karachi to tell him about the damage.

MOSQUITOES AND MALARIA As the water recedes, it is also Canada Goose Outlet leaving behind vast lakes of stagnant water, and with it disease is spreading.

In the nearby village of Lassori Cheap Canada Goose Khar, the army has set up a medical center in a local school, men, women and children queuing outside. About 700 people a day come to these centers.

They show no clear signs of malnourishment and the canada goose coats children still manage a shy smile. Sickness, however, is on the rise.

They suffer from skin diseases, dysentery, respiratory and ear infections, canadian goose jacket anemia, Canada Goose sale fever, malaria and depression.

patient is depressed, says a young army doctor as she dispenses medicine and advice to a crush of women and girls.

A tiny baby, his limbs flailing violently, wails on his mother lap, but is too weak to cry loudly. Young girls lift trouser legs to show skin lesions turning into welts.

Many come just for comfort, and canada goose clearance sale the doctor hands them packets of oral rehydration salts.

have to give them something, she says. we send them canada goose black friday sale away with nothing, that will make them more depressed.

It is too early to say how many cases of malaria there will be at the moment the doctors have time only to diagnose a fever but they all say it is one of the biggest risks.

With their houses destroyed, many people are forced to sit outside next to pools of stagnant water where the mosquitoes are multiplying.

are lot a mosquitoes, all around, says Zehra Mai, an old lady. are getting sick because of the malaria.

Another army doctor, Waqas Sheikh, says that water borne diseases are also on the rise.

People don boil their water, he says, and they are also suspicious of water purification tablets, Canada Goose Coats On Sale believing these to be part of a covert sterilization programme.

need more doctors, we need more manpower, more medicine, because the canadagooseoutleta number of patients is rising, he says.

Only about 20 people died in southern Punjab, whose fertile lands are usually watered by far smaller seasonal floods, making it the country breadbasket canada goose uk shop.

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