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And when you think of the George Lucas’ coming of age film

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Why the 21st Century Actually Might Have Started in 2007

Discount Moncler Coats But calendar years can have a tenuous connection to what’s really happening in human society and culture. After all, when we think of the cheap moncler coats mens Victorian era and its customs best moncler jackets and fashions, uk moncler sale we think moncler sale of the 1800s, even though the British ruler after whom that period was named moncler jacket sale didn’t die until Jan. 22, 1901. And when you think of the George Lucas’ coming of age film “American Graffiti,” the cars and the hairstyles and the music seem to evoke nostalgia for the carefree, innocent ’50s even though moncler outlet prices the film actually is set moncler sale outlet in 1962. But that’s okay, because the summer uk moncler outlet of that year probably moncler outlet woodbury was a lot more like the ’50s than the tumultuous era of youthful rebellion, strife and nonconformity that we call the ’60s. Discount Moncler Coats

moncler outlet location If moncler online store we’re going to moncler outlet sale pick a different demarcation, 2007 might be a better choice. That year saw the debut moncler sale online of the iPhone, which turned phones into multipurpose gadgets with easy to use touchscreens that put the internet in cheap moncler jackets mens our pocket, and became our go to source for everything from music to messaging to taking pictures. It also was the year that social media started to blow up, moncler outlet as Facebook evolved from a networking site for college students into a way for people all over the world to communicate, get news and share cute cat videos. moncler outlet location

moncler jackets canada But not everybody goes with 2007. “I do moncler outlet store think that a century can be defined by cheap moncler jackets certain events or influential milestones,” says moncler uk outlet Matthew A. Donahue, a lecturer in the Department of Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University, via email. “But I feel that there were really two moncler outlet online milestones related to the ushering in of the 21st century. One would be the Y2K transition from cheap moncler sale 1999 into 2000. Just in terms of moncler usa this really being an informing moment of the change from the 20th to the 21st century. The hype over this event was spectacular and while the event itself turned out to be a dud, as in the sky did not fall, aka the world kept going on as usual this was an informing moment to the public at large that we are heading into a new century.” moncler jackets canada

moncler outlet kids “I think that there are certain events discount moncler jackets that are epiphanies for the individual and society as a whole moncler womens jackets and those are the ones that have the most impact,” says Donahue. “In popular culture there are but fleeting moments that can come up, trends if you will that may seem important in the moment, but have little long lasting impact. In today’s 21st century, trends come and go pretty quickly and are cheap moncler jackets womens quickly left in the dustbin of history. A few more recent pop culture phenomenon: let’s try Myspace, Silly Bandz, [the reality TV program] ‘Jersey Shore’ or even Pokemon Go for that matter. These trends do help to define an overall era, but their impact is not monumental.” moncler outlet kids.

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