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So we never really have a lot of traffic

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cheap Canada Goose even when there are no traffic stops to create groups cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets I was passing someone going a good 10 miles an hour faster than they were, with my turn signal on indicating my desire to change lanes. The bastard matched my speed intentionally, without a doubt, and kept pace with me as I varied my speed canada goose jacket faster and slower in an attempt to get over. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale I ended up missing my exit and being thoroughly pissed off. A few seconds later I saw blue and red lights behind me. The car behind my inconsiderate highway companion canada goose uk black friday was an unmarked police car. As I was driving back the opposite way from the next overpass the speed matching son of a bitch was still Canada Goose Online pulled over on the side of the road, with a police officer at his window. When canada goose factory sale the road/escalator canada goose coats on sale is sparsely populated it is best to leave the passing lane open so faster people can move through. However, when there is congestion then the highest throughput is actually achieved canada goose by disallowing passing and everybody stays in their lane or stands on the escalator. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance Much of rush hour traffic is caused by unnecessary braking due to poor merging and lane changing. If everyone stayed in their own lane unless they were exiting AND people did not ride the exit lane then rush hour traffic would move buy canada goose jacket cheap significantly faster. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online What really grinds my gears is when I come up on a guy uk canada goose outlet doing 10 under in the middle lane. When I move to the left to pass he realizes what going on and speeds up before I can get by. Now because we matching speeds I have to slow down with cars building up behind me in the left lane so I can get out of canada goose uk outlet their way. Once this is all uk canada goose complete and everybody is good and pissed off, you bet canada goose store your ass that airhead in front of me is back to 10 under again. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket cheap If you being passed, let it happen safely so nobody is held up or put in a compromised driving situation. Either they bad canada goose clearance sale drivers, or are driving distracted. I wish more drivers would use their cruise control, but instead Canada Goose sale most people are completely oblivious of their constant speeding up and down. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose Not too long ago, I was driving home in the wee hours Canada Goose Parka of the morning. Not much traffic. I come along this slow moving car (doing easily 15 under the speed limit) in the right lane. Canada Goose online My cruise control was set for cheap Canada Goose the speed limit + 3 mph. Went to pass the guy, he speeds up. I increase my speed to make the pass and go back over. Then within a mile, he moves to pass me, and then for the next 10 miles he speeds up and slows down in the passing lane right next to me. canada goose

Canada Goose Parka All the while I was maintaining a constant speed. So we never really have a lot of traffic, just a fair spread of cars that are usually easy to move around. Until we hit the couple sections where we get down to two lanes (one going each direction). I can tell you how many times we be following someone driving slower who inexplicably speeds up at ALL passing lane sections then promptly slow back down after and once the road canadian goose jacket switches back to being a four lane hwy return to the faster speed with the ability to maintain it. This happens almost every damn time. The speed limit does not change at any of these points. Canada Goose Parka

canadian goose jacket Just happened to canada goose coats me last weekend. I was driving a couple hours away for a wedding and buy canada goose jacket was on the turnpike for most of it. I was passed very quickly by a red VW that came flying up behind me in a real hurry. I had my cruise set at 75 or so (70mph speed limit). Eventually I catch back up to him because somewhere along the line he decided to drive exactly the speed limit. So I pass him, then a few miles down the road he comes flying past again. We kept doing this with him alternating between speeding up so that I was no longer going fast enough to pass or letting me pass and blowing past me later. 422 was awful about 30 miles out from the city. It was two lanes each way and the worst part was they have the exit and entrance ramps backwards. Ideally, you want exit ramps first and canada goose clearance entrance ramps after so that the right lane is shedding vehicles before new canada goose uk shop ones are entering the lane. Well, 422 has all the entrance ramps before the exit ramps, which means you have this awkward overlap of people who are trying to cheap canada goose uk enter the highway while other people are trying to exit. So basically every exit is a huge quagmire of people trying to exit and enter in the same physical space and people trying to move to the left in whatever tiny space they can squeeze themself Canada Goose Jackets into to get past the slowdown. Then there the exit lanes. I saw way too many frustrated motorists go flying up the exit lane to jam themself back into traffic maybe eight cars up Canada Goose Outlet from Canada Goose Coats On Sale where they were. It like, congratulations on getting to work exactly two seconds faster. Traffic doesn canada goose black friday sale move faster the further up you are canadian goose jacket.

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