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Why do I think some germans are upset? I think a lot of people

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cheap air jordan There is so much media coordinated bull floating around in the EU and Germany right now it makes me sick. As a tax paying immigrant to Germany myself, I decided to look up the stats a little while ago and here what the down and dirty actually looks like:From 01.01.2015 until 31.07.2015 we gotten a total 195,723 Refugees, an estimated 500,000 will arrive for 2015.[1] Estimated costs will be around 5 Billion. For a comparison the Hartz 4 (Social Welfare System) had a total of about 32 Billion in 2013. [3]. Of all the refugees the majority come from Syria (22%), and Irak Afghanistan (10%), which are countries with ongoing conflicts. [2] 39% of the refugees are coming from (Serbia Kosovo Macedonia Albania), which have no listed ongoing conflicts according to wikipedia. Why do I think some germans are upset? I think a lot of people have problems with the fact that this seems like another Hartz 4 type system where german tax dollars are going to pay for people who sit in the house all day and sponge off the system. Also, I think the media is just making this perception worse by showing thousands of refugees sitting around in camps or walking into Germany where they immediately get handouts. family or other native germans who have also paid money and hard work into the system. It becomes less and less easier to rationalize this goodwill when you giving handouts to people from other european countries (yes, as a EU citizen you can get on german Harz 4 if you want), and even less still when the people don aren even part of the EU. https: https: http: http: cheap air jordan

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