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The company’s Key Mine Asset Has Been Delayed for Over 3 Years

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We reached out to Pershing’s investor relations for comment on the historical relationship with Mark Nordlicht and Platinum and have not heard back as of this writing.The company’s Key Mine Asset Has Been Delayed for Over 3 Years and Has Produced Zero Revenue Since Acquisition Aside from the issues with the company’s current and historical backers, the operating history of Pershing has literally produced zero mining revenue since inception.On September 17, 2012, the company issued a press release announcing “Pershing Gold Reports Results and Progress Toward Reopening the Relief Canyon Mine.” The release set a target date for the mine to be producing gold in 2014. It used multiple phrases indicating the speed with which gold production would be initiated:”well on its way to putting this long neglected gold mine into production.” “unique opportunity to achieve a fast track path to production at the Relief Canyon” “re starting the mine and resuming gold production should proceed with minimal delays and capital investment.” Fast forward to the present: after almost 5 years following that initial release, the company has not resumed production and hasn’t generated a dime of revenue. On June 5, 2017, the most recent Relief Canyon milestone the company highlighted was the completion of a preliminary feasibility study.

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