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In terms of banks in this day and age they could care less

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Disengage with users who do not follow these guidelines and report them. In terms of banks in this day and age they could care less. I know this to be a fact because i was in wholesale lending for 5 years. Part of it is a selfish mindset they don want to have to take a day off work, pack up all their stuff, maybe get some buddies to do the same, drive a good ways to a track to sit in basically a parking lot for hours to make hits. You can leave anything at home, because if you break at the track, you need to fix it, otherwise you wasted a day. You also have to “tech in”, meaning someone goes over your car and tells you all the reasons it unsafe to drive (in their eyes) tends to be a long list when you and your buddies built it in your garage over the course of many years.

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