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The defence had still not been canada goose womens outlet able

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Back to Sheena Bora’s grave

canadian goose jacket These were videos of canada goose outlet toronto factory Sheena Bora’s exhumation done by police belonging to Khar police station, northwest Mumbai, after receiving geographical details from Rai. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats Her skeleton had been evidently exhumed once earlier in 2012 by the Pen police and returned, unidentified and anonymous, to its jungle resting place. canada goose coats

To the thick jungles of Gagode Khurd, near Pen, Raigad district.

canada goose black friday sale And the grave of the ill fated Sheena Bora. canada goose black friday canada goose outlet phone number sale

canada goose coats on sale In the chambers of CBI Special Judge Jayendra Chandrasen Jagdale, before the court registrar and the court clerk, both defence and prosecution canada goose outlet new york lawyers for all of the accused Gunjan Mangla, Sudeep Pasbola, Shrikant Shivade, Vishal Gupta, Shreyansh Mithare, Niranjan Mundargi, Bharat Badami and team viewed the eight videos and 60 photographs, taken by the police, of the exhumation of Sheena skeletal remains two years ago, canada goose outlet real in August 2015. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance sale This was the compact disc that was meant to be viewed on Friday, September 22, along with the other canada goose factory outlet vancouver CDs that came out of a parcel from the muddemaaal (safe court storage where trial exhibits are kept) but had been misplaced much to the frustration and mildly expressed annoyance of the usually fiery Pasbola, Indrani Mukerjea counsel. canada goose clearance sale

The CD turned up Tuesday in a brown packet, secured with government wax seals, apparently wrongly labeled as No 1 instead of No 15 on the muddemaal list.

Canada Goose Outlet Unlike the last hearing, there was phew equipment canada goose shop uk on hand to view this disc. Pasbola and Mithare first called for the Apple laptop belonging to the cousin of Accused No 2 Sanjeev Khanna. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose CBI prosecutor Badami strongly objected, growling. it is) your personal laptop (it is okay). Don want from the accused side. Delete welete ho jayega! another laptop, belonging to one of the advocates, was immediately brought. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets After viewing the CDs, ie, time traveling electronically to the site of the exhumation and examining the photographs (also of the disinterment), the lawyers, who now seemed a more solemn band of black, trooped back into sessions court canada goose outlet shop No 51 where Judge Jagdale, witness approver Shyamvar Pinturam Rai and the canada goose outlet miami accused, Peter Mukerjea, Indrani and Sanjeev, in their rear enclosure, waited. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose Pasbola told Judge Jagdale tersely: we now have clarity (about the exhumation CD). He said they had made copies of canada goose outlet jackets the videos on a pen drive and would distribute it among themselves and then asked for the prosecution to supply them with copies of the photographs, to which Badami assented without murmur. cheap Canada Goose

Incidentally, these were videos of the exhumation done by police belonging to Khar police station, northwest Mumbai, after receiving geographical details from Rai.

canada goose store The skeleton had been evidently exhumed once earlier in 2012 by the Pen police and returned, unidentified and anonymous, to its jungle resting place. canada goose store

Pasbola then turned the court attention back to the festering call data records (CDR) issue, which he had already spoken about just prior to the exhumation CD viewing. The defence had still not been canada goose womens outlet able to procure copies of the phone records relating to canada goose outlet florida a canada goose outlet london clutch of cell numbers belonging to ex Mukerjea driver Rai, Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna.

buy canada goose jacket cheap In the last hearing it had been decided that Reliance and Airtel needed to issue affidavits justifying why they were unable goose outlet canada to locate certain call records. Or else produce them. Till date their affidavits had not come in. buy canada goose outlet mall canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose deals Pasbola, in a loud voice, and a tad angry, said canada goose outlet uk at the start: CDRs are not only of 2012 but of even 2015. On basis of this we need to do the cross examination. (Otherwise) we are handicapped! It is all in the air. tried to pacify Pasbola, but was also slightly irritated. can anticipate the documents (which the defence might need in advance). We will try to canada goose coats uk get them because it is the requirement of law and the requirement of justice. But if it is not possible quickly tendered an apology for the short notice requests, but then went right back to the Canada Goose Outlet thorny cell phone records problem. canada goose deals

Whenever Pasbola forcefully contradicts Jagdale, it is always a taut court moment, till the senior advocate in mollification adds more softly, will just tell you, or will explain, not letting go of his view, and the judge always willing to be persuaded.

canada goose clearance Pasbola explanation was, need the CDR of his phone (indicating covertly he was talking about Rai, who was sitting in the corner seemingly oblivious). On the basis of this we can demolish his credibility. To whatever extent the court can help us. Why should I be deprived of it? agreed with a considered, is there and said they needed to seek a proper explanation from the telecom companies. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket Peter lawyer Vishal Gupta, who works along with Shrikant Shivade (of Salman Khan trial fame), also got to his feet and explained that most cell companies meticulously stored the backup of cell records in room so they were not affected or lost to mildew or mites. canada goose outlet store montreal buy canada goose jacket

Jagdale countered, has expanded at such a rate we don know the present procedure (for storing). persisted, understanding is that it is not destroyed. who represents Sanjeev Khanna and is a tall, boyish looking trial lawyer, backed him up: have software canada goose stockists uk that even makes deleted material retrievable added that maintaining the call records a very important function of these companies. now appearing cross again, with the scowl of a grumpy bulldog on his face, said sternly: keep it) for five years is the condition of their license. That the rule. No one can say they are not obeying it. positive but definite: canada goose jacket outlet store will ask. I have asked him to give the reason. Excuses might be understandable or not. But cannot coerce a witness. five years you cannot coerce If something is in existence the court can call upon them. It is difficult to imagine how investigations could have even unfolded without this vital information in pre cell eras, a time only a few in the room could have been familiar with.

Canada Goose sale Pasbola used that opportunity to mildly educate the judge about the perspective of defence lawyers on this. He went on to categorically state, darkly, that requests from defence lawyers were always treated differently by cell phone companies. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Parka is seldom that they are impartial. Nodal officers are (often former) law enforcement officers and are totally under the thumb of law enforcement officers. They try to create hurdles. attentively heard Pasbola contention. He did not comment and instead suggested they all convene again Wednesday to solve the call records issue and have the nodal officers back in court. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online Indrani, still barefoot and fasting four more days colourful in red for the canada goose outlet authentic sixth day of Navratri, exited from the courtroom, to park herself on the bench outside in the corridor for conferrals with Pasbola and Mangla. Canada Goose online

Sanjeev, who looked on Tuesday a bit like a forest ranger who had accidentally strayed into court, in his jaunty khaki kurta with canada goose outlet store quebec epaulets worn with jeans, was beside her on the bench, going over papers with his cousin, Mundargi and Mithare.

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