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Let’s dig into how to make these things happen so we all feel

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Canada Goose Outlet But this surprised me. Single geese are models of celibacy. If there is no mate, there is no sex. By Casey Seidenberg June 27You know those people, the ones who are older than you but act decades younger? They embody the phrase “70 is the new 50.” Actually, in their cases, 70 seems to be the new 30 because they radiate so much youth and energy.These folks may have A+ genetics, which undeniably contributes to their health, but eating nutritious foods, managing stress and making smart lifestyle choices have also been proven to slow the aging process and stave off disease. Graceful aging isn’t about avoiding wrinkles and gray hair; the ultimate goal is to maintain brain alertness, preserve energy levels and prevent disease.The brain remains alert when it is elastic and rested; energy levels stay high when we balance blood sugar and hormones and maintain muscle mass; and we prevent disease when we preserve gut and immune health. Let’s dig into how to make these things happen so we all feel we are “the new 30.”In her book “Younger,” Sara Gottfried, a gynecologist and women’s health specialist, explains that brain “neurons lose speed and flexibility as they age.” Stress and free radicals from our environment damage brain cells, so we need to give our brain the food, and sleep, it needs to repair.[Bingeing on food can turn into a serious disorder Canada Goose Outlet.

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