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“As soon as they put the schedule up, I sign up for this

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“I feel like this is my home course,” Watson said. “As soon as they put the schedule up, I sign up for this. I want to come back here. Women’s Aid say this will shut 39% of their facilities, at a time when reports of domestic abuse are rocketing.On just one day last year, 94 women and 90 children were turned away from refuges that could not take them in. Many will have slept rough, and others will have returned to their abusers. Inevitably, the cost to the taxpayer of a refuge place will be multiplied massively by the costs of social workers, NHS care, police action and court cases we’ve had to pay for instead, never mind the lifelong trauma and injuries of the victims.The government announced its plans, held a consultation which ended 3 weeks ago, and is now sitting on it with no indication if it’ll press ahead or not.

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