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Kate Erbland, IndieWire: There needs to be a new MI movie every

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He is running because he wants to win the biggest prize of all: the presidency. He isn’t interesting in being president, just winning. Not to worry, Mike Pence will run the country. Just god level stuff. The highest praise I can give a movie: I’m not even mad it’s making me late to Radiohead.Kate Erbland, IndieWire: There needs to be a new MI movie every summer, because no other blockbuster franchise click to read more is, pound for pound, as entertaining and engrossing as this one has become.David Fear, Rolling Stone: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT takeaways: Tom Cruise wants to die, or at the very least sprint over roofs and rock climb, for all of your sins. And Vanessa Kirby should be in every future movie and digitally inserted into every previously released movie.Sean Fennessey, The Ringer: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT: the most fun franchise in movies retains the title.

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