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Federal agents raid HA Lyons (Arizona)

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dietary supplement makers and natural medicine practitioners

monlcer down jackets (NaturalNews) The US Food and Drug Administration has a long history of conducting armed, SWAT style raids on farmers, cancer treatment pioneers and dietary supplement manufacturers. This list, compiled by the editors of cheap moncler outlet NaturalNews, reveals only some of the hundreds of armed FDA raids that have been conducted in the last twenty cheap moncler coats five years. monlcer down jackets

What you see from this is a pattern of government sponsored moncler outlet store terrorism against innocent Americans and small business people; all done in the name of “protecting” the public cheap moncler jackets sale from milk, walnuts, vitamins, plants or fruit Moncler Outlet extracts. The real reason behind all this, of course, is that the FDA has long waged a campaign of fear and intimidation against natural product providers for the sole purpose moncler jackets outlet of destroying the natural products industry and thereby handing Big Pharma a monopoly over health treatment medicines.

If you’re skeptical of that conclusion, read the timeline and see for yourself. And if you’re currently a farmer who might be targeted in a future FDA raid, be sure to read this helpful resource created by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund entitled How to Survive a Farm Raid:Timeline of FDA raids against farmers, health clinics and dietary supplement providers 1985, July 7. FDA agents raid the Burzynski Research Clinic (Texas), steal 200,000 medical and research documents, and force Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski to moncler jacket sale pay for copies to be made of them.

cheap moncler outlet 1987, February 26. Twenty five armed FDA agents and US Marshals storm offices of the Life Extension Foundation (Florida), terrorize employees and seize thousands of nutritional products, materials, computers, files, and newsletters. cheap moncler outlet

moncler mens jackets 1988, moncler sale outlet November. FDA agents raid Traco Labs (Illinois), seize several drums of black currant oil as well moncler outlet online as many containers of encapsulated product. moncler mens jackets

1989, Summer. FDA agents seize entire inventory and business records of Pets Smell Free (Utah), a company that produces a natural product for eliminating pet odor.

moncler outlet online 1990, October 6. Federal agents raid HA Lyons (Arizona), a women run, home based mailing service that publishes materials for vitamin companies. Armed agents seize all business records and literature, and even try to steal the owner’s checkbook and cash. moncler outlet online

moncler sale outlet 1990, Fall. FDA agents raid Highland Laboratories (Oregon), a company that produces vitamins and nutritional supplements. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet sale 1990, March. FDA agents raid Solid Gold Pet Foods (California), seize all pet food products without a warrant, and shut down the store. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet 1990. Agents from both the FDA and US Postal Service twice raid Century Clinic (Nevada), and steal chelation products, computers, and various other equipment. RDA agents raid Thorne Research (Idaho), and seize $20,000 worth of vitamin products, and 11,000 pieces of literature. moncler outlet

moncler outlet store 1991. FDA moncler outlet jackets agents raid NutriCology (California), a nutritional supplement company. moncler outlet store

1991. Agents from the FDA and the Texas Department of Health again raid moncler factory outlet the Burzynski Research Clinic (Texas), and seize cheap moncler jackets more products and materials. Dr.

cheap moncler jackets 1991, March. Armed Mexican police officers raid offices of alternative cancer clinic in Tijuana, and kidnap the owner without warrant or charges. cheap moncler jackets

buy moncler jackets 1992, May 6. Agents from the FDA and officers from the King County Police Department moncler sale raid the Tahoma Clinic (Washington), a natural health clinic. Because Dr. Jonathan Wright has been giving patients injectable B vitamins in high doses, agents decide to storm the clinic with guns drawn, and seize product, computers, records, and other products. buy moncler jackets

moncler sale 1992, June 2. FDA agents raid the personal home of Mihai Popescu (California) for producing and selling a natural supplement called GH 3. moncler sale

1992, June 30.

1992, June. The FDA prompts the moncler outlet uk Texas Department of Health to conduct raids on numerous health food stores throughout Texas. They seize natural oils, aloe vera, zinc, vitamin C, and other natural products. Agents reportedly threaten store cheap moncler owners not to speak of the raid, or more raids will ensue.

cheap moncler 1992, August 14. FDA agents raid Family Acupuncture Clinic (California), and seize $15,000 worth of natural tea pills. cheap moncler

cheap moncler coats 1992. Federal agents arrest three vitamin company owners (California) for selling supplements freely available throughout Europe. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler sale 1993, May. Agents from the FDA raid Zerbo’s Health Food Store (Michigan) for “illegal drug trafficking” involving the natural supplements coenzyme Q10, selenium, carnitine, and GH 3. cheap moncler sale

1993, May 12. Dozens of armed federal agents storm Hospital Santa Monica (California), an alternative cancer treatment center, seizing records, charts, computers, and other equipment.

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