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Fisker has been struggling since May of last year when the

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Once again you are just whining about the problem without offering any solutions because you don actually care about the problem you just enjoy pretending to care. What is it that Sweden and Germany do differently? Is it their strict gun control laws? I not even saying we don have institutional racism because there are a disproportionate amount of black americans in jail but have you researched the percentage of black germans in jail? Have you looked at how their prisons are designed to actually reform prisoners and ours are designed for recidivism? I wish our prison system would become like the Scandinavian countries but I don think that would stop police shootings. Shop what your solution you keep making excuses and using ad hominems but refuse to offer any solutions which is exactly why you are a troll or an uneducated preteen who thinks he knows how the world works without any actual knowledge beyond how you feel it should be.

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official canada goose outlet Fisker Automotive, maker of the plug in hybrid Fisker canada goose jacket outlet Karma luxury car, has laid off 75% of its canada goose outlet vip workforce, keeping only a small core group of executives, the company said Friday. Prior to the lay offs Fisker had had about 200 employees.Fisker has been struggling since May of last year when the Department of Energy announced it was cutting off a promised $529 million in loan canada goose outlet legit guarantees citing Fisker’s failure to meet production goals. Since then Fisker has been seeking investors and strategic partners but has been unable to get back on track with the planned production of a smaller, less expensive plug in sedan.”Our efforts to secure a strategic alliance or partnership are continuing in earnest, but unfortunately we have reached a point where a significant reduction in our workforce has become necessary,” the carmaker said in a statement official canada goose outlet.

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