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I say it a safe bet far fewer would bother torrenting a crowd

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All this out of a technology that Jack Valenti, then president of the Motion Pictures Association of America, likened to the Boston Strangler. Research to be helpful. In 2010, then prime minister David Cameron ordered a review of their intellectual property law, with the intent of enhancing innovation and creativity.In the ensuing report, lead investigator Ian Hargreaves wrote: it be true that laws designed more than three centuries ago with the express purpose of creating economic incentives for innovation by protecting creators rights are today obstructing innovation and economic growth? The short answer is: yes.During this past summer, social media were buzzing in anticipation: would Google become the first trillion dollar company? Apple emerged the winner; regardless, lawmakers should not forget that Google drove the creation of its parent company Alphabet, which employs nearly 90,000 people worldwide.

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