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Yes, I want to win and work hard to try and do that, but I

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moncler mens jackets Hannity, not to be deterred, said, “But isn’t that a socialist agenda?” Counting off on his fingers, Hannity began, “Look, if they wanna, if they wanna mandate what executive pay is gonna be even for companies that don’t get bailouts.” Where’s a buzzer when you need one? As usual with Hannity, there’s a germ of truth that he has twisted for maximum histrionic value. The New York Times reported that the administration is considering regulations about moncler outlet uk executive pay, but that’s a far cry from “mandating what executive pay is gonna be.” After all, we have regulations about buildings, for example, but that doesn’t mean the government mandates what your house looks like. As Media Matters has documented, in his March 24 written testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner specifically stated he was not interested in restricting employee compensation other than at “financial institutions that are receiving moncler outlet government assistance.” moncler mens jackets.

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