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“For decades, each time Romero saw black and white news photos

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Canada Goose sale He was 68.Romero, who moved from Los Angeles decades ago, spent most of his life in the Northern California cities of San Jose and Modesto, Chacon said.He worked in construction, including concrete and asphalt paving, enjoying the often grueling physical labor with no canada goose outlet london uk intention of retiring any time soon.”Juan was a big, brawny guy, a muscular guy and seemingly in good health,” said Chacon, adding his death came as a shock to family and friends.The divorced Romero had recently met a woman and moved in with her in Modesto. He wanted to buy a house and to travel, his daughter said.”He was happy, he was so happy,” she said. “It was just such a short time.”For decades, each time Romero saw black and white news photos of himself a baby faced busboy gently cradling Kennedy as he lay sprawled on the hotel concrete kitchen floor canada goose outlet us he would wonder what more he should have done to save Kennedy.Only recently, he said during rare interviews this year, did he finally come to terms with that struggle.He said he still carried the example Kennedy had set as he campaigned for equality and civil rights.”I still have the fire burning inside of me,” Romero said Canada Goose sale.

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