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Again, who was there at the tomb? What happened to the stone? Was there an angel or not? And most importantly, why should we believe anything in these anonymous tales written decades after the fact? 1 point submitted 8 days agoWhy are you assuming those things didn exist prior to the Big Bang? Spacetime existed as part of the initial singularity, it was just so complexly warped that our best math cannot describe it. And all of the mass energy in our universe was contained in that singularity, it was just in a form that was very different than we used to.But if we asking questions, how is it possible for a god to exist before spacetime? Without space where did it exist? Without time how did it accomplish anything? Before you give the standard “god is eternal and the ground of being” answer you need to realize it isn an answer, its a cop out. We have no evidence that spacetime and mass energy are not eternal.

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