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For instance, while Mormons have a story that describes the

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buy canada goose jacket TRUMP, as if recounting the questioning of Christine Blasey Ford at her Senate hearing: ‘How did you get there?’ ‘I don’t remember.’ ‘Where is the place?’ ‘I don’t remember.’ ‘How many years ago was it?’ ‘I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. We may have also heard this message from our parents, teachers, and leaders. “Stop being angry! Good people don’t get angry.” Anger, however, is a built in mechanism for responding to injustice, and gives us the energy to act. We should be angry canada goose jacket outlet at cruelty, corruption, and exploitation, and great spiritual teachers such as Jesus, the Buddha, Moses, and the ancient Prophets, have used anger as a means for calling attention to societal wrongs, and enacting positive change buy canada goose jacket.

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