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It may help us understand evolution

Posted on by bherrlinger canada goose outlet canada goose uk shop Charles Darwin Why Evolution Is True canada goose uk shop

canada goose coats Vancouver Sun: Madame Blavatsky = Charles DarwinI used to think that the Vancouver Sun was a reputable newspaper. It has the largest staff of canada goose outlet uk any paper in that city, and is the province second most widely read paper (after The Province). And, indeed, this column by Douglas Todd starts off by properly decrying the low acceptance of evolution in Canada:An Angus Reid poll recently showed only 58 per cent of Canadians (compared to 42 per cent of Americans) accept the fundamental teaching of evolution; that “human beings evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years.”It’s disturbing that 24 per cent of Canadians (39 per cent of Americans) told Angus Reid pollsters canada goose outlet online reviews they embrace Biblical Creationism, or the belief that “God created human beings in their present form within the last 10,000 years.” Another 20 per cent of canada goose outlet in usa Canadians said they weren’t sure.Todd diagnosis of canada goose outlet legit the problem? Canadian schools don give the kids a proper education in evolution.Most Canadian public school students are also not taught evolutionary theory in mandatory science classes. high school teacher Scott Goodman and others justifiably worry only a small sliver of Canadian students typically those who canada goose uk site choose elective biology classes in Grades 11 or 12 ever focus on it.The education systems’ inadequate handling of evolutionary theory is partly based on political correctness. Many governments and teachers are afraid of offending conservative Christians, Mormons and Jehova Witnesseses (often not recognizing mainstream Protestants and Catholics, as well as Buddhists and Hindus, generally accept evolution).In addition to the piecemeal teaching of evolution in Canadian public schools. which are a provincial jurisdiction, most canada goose outlet black friday university science canada goose outlet kokemuksia classes offer students virtually no sense of the wide array of evolutionary theories in existence.So far so good, I think, though what does canada goose outlet boston he mean by wide array of evolutionary theories Then it becomes clear: Todd thinks that the canada goose outlet store uk modern theory of evolution, often described as is really only one canada goose outlet in canada of a dozen competing theories of evolution, some of which he says are complete than neo Darwinism:Most media outlets also fall short canada goose outlet las vegas on enlightening the public on this wide ranging theory about the origins of life. These media contribute to a false choice debate canada goose outlet canada about evolution; acting as if there only two polarized camps neo Darwinism canada goose outlet store new york and Biblical Creationism.There is actually a much richer discussion about evolution occurring behind the scenes. It involves 12 current theories.Only one of these evolutionary theories is neo Darwinism, the school based on canada goose outlet near me genetic mutation and random selection that is dominant in most universities.But to my mind, some of canada goose outlet store quebec the other canada goose outlet winnipeg 11 theories of evolution are more complete than neo Darwinism.Uh oh. Eleven other theories? What are they? Todd describes some of them, taken from an article by Carter Phipps in Enlightenment Magazine, which seems to be a New Age y rag.1. which Todd imputes to Lynn Margulis. And of course students should be taught Margulis confirmed ideas that mitochondria and chloroplasts canada goose outlet real had their origins as bacterial endosymbionts. But Margulis view that symbiosis and its attendant cooperation are responsible for nearly every aspect of evolution, including speciation (my own field) is bizarre and certainly not part of mainstream evolutionary theory.2. Complexity theory. Whatever this is, it certainly not an alternative to neo Darwinism, but a tool for studying the behavior of complex systems. It may help us understand evolution, but it not a theory of evolution itself.3. Directionality, which he ascribes to Robert Wright and others:A group of evolutionary psychologists also strongly oppose Dawkin’s view that selfish genes can explain everything. These social canada goose outlet in vancouver scientists, such as Robert Wright, ar e canada goose outlet 2015 known as because they canada goose sale uk see elements of purpose in life.I canada goose outlet usa pretty sure that even Wright, who does descry some signs of purpose in both evolution and the development of human society, wouldn describe his views as an alternative to neo Darwinism. And, at any rate, absent any good evidence for such purpose in biological evolution, it not a theory with any credibility certainly not one that should be taught to biology students.5. The evolutionary views of Madame Blavatsky. Well known mystic and founder of the Theosophical Society, Helena Blavatsky promulgated a number of bizarre views, including that of a multi racial origin of humans, with Aryans of course being superior. It the usual mystical pap that has excited people from time to time. Here some Theosophical garbage about evolution, which Todd apparently wants Canadian children to learn:Evolution is the emergence canada goose outlet price of the possibilities inherent in Nature from latency into active expression. The word means, literally, unfolding, and it implies the prior process of involution by which the potentialities of spirit are communicated to matter.Esoteric Science affirms the universality of the evolutionary process:The whole order of nature evinces a progressive march towards a higher life. There is design in canada goose jacket outlet toronto the action of the seemingly blindest forces. The whole process of evolution with its endless adaptations is a proof of this. (10)Here we must return to the Hierarchies of Sections 4 and 5, for the evolutionary process is not a mechanical one but guided, controlled, and animated by almost endless series of Hierarchies of sentient Beings. Conscious evolution, as described by the priest mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I can do nothing better here than refer you to Sir Peter Medawar review of Teilhard The Phenomenon of Man, one of the funniest (and most scathing) book reviews canada goose kensington parka uk ever written.Todd then degenerates into complete madness:7. Process philosophy. I not an expert here, but this is philosophy, not evolution unless you subscribe to Todd characterization of it as a philosophy that science and spirituality. Biologists such canada goose outlet london uk as Charles Birch and progressive Christian theologians such as John Cobb maintain the divine is creative advance into novelty, the source of the universe’s process of change. are others, but I can go on. I have a stomach ache. The sick part is that Todd apparently canada goose outlet location wants all of these taught to young Canadians, and bemoans the fact that they not:It’s my hope this fascinating array of evolutionary theories will soon receive more media attention. But when will they be widely taught in Canadian or American public schools and universities? Not likely soon canada goose coats.

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