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Virginia Average tip amount: 20

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canada goose The 10 states in the US with the most generous tippers Christine DiGangi, Apr. 29, 2016, 10:09 AM Oklahoma is home to the most generous tippers. iStock Everyone has an opinion on what makes a good tip, but there’s no universal rule. Whether or not they’re leaving 20% on the table (or more or less), most people probably think they tip well, but the truth is tipping habits vary widely for all sorts of reasons. People who live in certain parts of the country, it seems, are more generous than others with tips. Those people generally live in the eastern half of the country fcvfrankfurt , according to data from Lavu, an iPad point-of-sale system. Lavu reviewed 2015 tipping data from more than 1,000 restaurants that use its software to determine the states with the best and worst tippers. Of course, this is a limited sample — it only includes transactions made on Lavu, which is just one of many point-of-sale systems out there — but it’s an interesting look at how tipping habits vary geographically. Even when confronted by the same payment system in similar businesses (bars, restaurants and coffee shops), people left very different tip amounts. There are still a lot of variables, like how the payment system is set up to prompt the customer to tip, the sort of service being provided and the tippers themselves. With all that in mind, here’s a list of states with some seemingly exceptional tippers. (You can find a list of the worst tippers on 1/ Kansas City, Missouri. Stuart Seeger/Flickr 10. Missouri Average tip amount: 20.62% 2/ Richmond, Virginia. Shutterstock 9. Virginia Average tip amount: 20.83% 3/ Wichita, Kansas. Ricardo Reitmeyer/Shutterstock 8. Kansas Average tip amount: 20.88% 4/ Providence, Rhode Island. Wikimedia 7. Rhode Island Average tip amount: 20.91% 5/ Jackson, Mississippi. Shutterstock 6. Mississippi Average tip amount: 20.97% 6/ New Orleans, Louisiana. iStock / Meinzahn 5. Louisiana Average tip amount: 20.98% 7/ Charleston canada goose outlet store , South Carolina. Wikipedia 4. South Carolina Average tip amount: 21.1% 8/ Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. Flickr / Robert Linsdell 3. New Hampshire Average tip amount: 21.14% 9/ Baltimore, Maryland. Shutterstock 2. Maryland Average tip amount: 21.96% 10/ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Shutterstock 1. Oklahoma Average tip amount: 23.89% 11/ More from What’s a Good Credit Score? Is Chase Freedom’s 5% Cash Back Right for You? How to Get a Credit Card With Average Credit This article originally appeared on Previous 1/ Next Read the original article on Copyright 2018. Follow on Twitter. SEE ALSO: The most expensive home to rent in every state canada goose parka

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