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Whether you are retired or still working, Medicare will likely become part of your life after you turn 65. My goal is to simplify the process through education so you are comfortable making this very important decision.

I commit to tell you the unvarnished truth all of the time. When you ask me a question that I do not know, I promise to say, “I don’t know” — then do everything in my power to get you that answer. I will never tell you I can do something when I can’t, nor will I tell you I will do something and then not do it.

I can remove the stress of the Medicare process. I insist that my clients understand their choices and stick to the plan.

I absolutely forbid my clients to worry because, in a very real sense, that is what you have hired me to do. If you’re going to seek my advice and then worry, you haven’t really accepted my counsel, which in effect means that you don’t have faith, trust, or confidence in me. I can’t handle your account on that basis; it wouldn’t be fair to either one of us.

As your coach, I ask to earn your faith, trust, and confidence in helping you make your Medicare decisions. I, for my part, am offering to accept that responsibility. Do you feel that this is a basis on which we can move forward?

If so, let’s get started

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