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Then I used a jigsaw to cut out the inner circle

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Tron Costume

womens moncler jackets After watching the latest Tron movie. the kids were excited at the idea of being Tron (and so was i). We set about researching how to make a decent and yet still inexpensiveTron outfit. they are very bright. We actually had troubles taking this picture. no worries about where the kids were on Halloween night. Litterally they were stopping moncler outlet prices traffic. I have to admit. the kids got a lot of RAVE moncler outlet online reviews from people about their cool Tron costumes. womens moncler jackets

moncler jackets outlet Note: moncler outlet we were originally going to go out with scuba suits underneath but it wasraining so badly we had to put on jackets! This weather won’tstop us!! Electricity might. these moncler sale outlet items are long lead meaning they take about 30 cheap moncler jackets womens days moncler outlet store to arrive. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets wholesale The LED roll was a good solution for the costume since it was cheap and you could cut it. Decent ability with a soldering iron comes in handy. or at least be willing to moncler online store learn. The LED roll costs about $10 15 on ebay. get the 5m roll. You don’t need moncler sale super bright LED’s since these moncler outlet sale were blinding people as it was. Ensure you get the self adhesive LED roll. Also. since it is the wet west coast here. I also got the waterproof roll. In hindsight it was nice since it was pouring rain on halloween. cheap moncler jackets wholesale

buy moncler jackets toronto Yes, the LED’s can be cut. cheap moncler jackets every three lights there is a line to cut at. Strip the ends with a razor knife to remove the silicon. ensure you have bare clean metal to solder too. buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler outlet ny Battery: you need 9V or more. the 9V battery is good for a tester cheap moncler sale and for the identity disc since it can go on or off. The suit has a lot of lights I recommend a battery uk moncler sale pack with 8 uk moncler outlet AA’s. they are 1.5V each. a best moncler jackets good solid 12V. Lasts for 4 moncler sale online 6 hours. moncler outlet ny

cheap moncler jackets I picked up 30+ AA’s at moncler outlet woodbury the dollar store for $3. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlets uk While you are ordering the LED strips. it was much cheaper to buy the other electronics stuff online. I used connectors for between the legs torso and arms. so they were removeable. I also bought some switches (to turn it on and off) and battery packs (8 AA type). and afford to make a few mistakes. You want to be good cheap moncler jackets mens at soldering before you get to the costume. Practice here. moncler outlets uk

moncler jackets on sale You can buy an identity disc from Disney. but I never found one at a reasonable price. The $15 model is basically a frisbee. and the deluxe model discount moncler jackets with moncler womens jackets lights is $75. With two kids. that made the costumes too expensive. My solution. a bit of woodworking. I bought a 1×10 and cut it into a 10″ circle. Then I used a jigsaw to moncler sale uk cut out the inner circle. I had the right cheap moncler coats mens shape. now I needed a groove and slope. I have a router table. moncler usa I just ran the disc in a circle to create a 3/8″ groove. moncler uk outlet thena belt sander to slope it. 1 2 hours for all 3 discs. spray paint them blacks and voila moncler jackets on sale.

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