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Out of all the teams, C9 is sticking together the most

Posted on by bherrlinger

Pimp Leaves Liquid

To be fair he obviously had his issues with his team. As an OpTic fan he moncler online store left in the worst way possible and really did fuck over the best NA team but what else were they going to show us?OpTic were a dominant team in an uncertain time but unless uk moncler sale they were able to pull another miracle out of their ass they wouldn have been able to crack top 6 or cheap moncler jackets womens 7 again given how insane moncler outlet prices the scene is looking.But yea in moncler outlet store the short term stan fucked things up. I blame NA as a whole thoughHonestly, with all due respect, stanislaw or Liquid as an org or whoever tried to push this chain of moncler uk outlet events cheap moncler jackets mens forward should sit down and stop trying to fix what isn broken. The only way this roster gets fixed is a) if nitr0 can return to form or become a support player, and b) if jdm is kicked in moncler usa favour of an average, passive awp, or the team starts working around him as CLG did.Pimp has consistently been on of moncler womens jackets their top performers since he was acquired. As a support player. And no, moncler coat replacing him with Rush was not going to be the wet dream they were imagining. CS doesn work like that. God, this annoys me.As a Liquid fan since the first moncler sale game I saw, best of luck to Pimp. Past 2 moncler outlet woodbury weeks I been saying how Pimp was the last person I wanted to leave this team, and then it happens. I wish him the best and can wait to buy his next sticker (Heroic Pimp hype?)But the big question now is who does Liquid get to replace moncler outlet him? I don think there any big NA free agents right now, and as far as we know Mixwell cheap moncler jackets is staying cheap moncler coats mens so idk if that eliminates discount moncler jackets the possibility of +Rush or not. I wouldn mind going after Twist I guess, but then Nitr0 would have to switch to support. Which could be good since he been struggling lately. Interesting times ahead for us Liquid fansIt was best moncler jackets the obvious move. I have to say that i not convinced he really wanted to leave Liquid though. Seems like a pretty standard way to boot someone off the roster after the botched Mix/Rush uk moncler outlet situation.Pimp sees what moncler sale online going to happen if he doesn make the move himself and this way he saves some face.Out of all the teams, C9 is sticking together the most. I just don see any of the current top tier moncler outlet online NA teams moncler sale outlet being that defined when it cheap moncler sale comes to roles. Stewie as an IGL seems like a strange fit, I don even know what Optic has going on, and now Liquid losing support. Maybe Liquid can just start winning if Elige moncler outlet sale has unconscious games. But honestly, Echo Fox looks like the most role playing team (as long as Freak stays on the team).

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