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We don use behavioral signals, or IP addresses

Posted on by bherrlinger

Ad fraud detection ‘does nothing’

lol I get called chicken little too. Even if we say Dr. Fou is being sensational, he not a crazy person. There is some information that has alarmed him to a point where he is saying this. His vested interest is not in that he cheap exclusive jordans owns an alternative media buying platform.I hate getting called chicken little. It like a godzilla version of the “boy who cried wolf”. He does have vested interest to cheap jordans 20 say these things in order to get more people employ his tech on their creatives/pages.Here the thing, him (and you at times) mention that all of the big vendors for fraud can easily get gamed and there is no overlap in their reporting so discrepancies are rampant (not disagreeing with this at all). To that end, do you think that his tech and your tech are not susceptible to the where to get cheap jordans that are real same tactics that bad actors employ to get around the large vendors in the market? I sure your cheap jordans men monitoring doesn align with any other vendors or even if you both lined it up to each other.I not saying fraud isn an issue , it rampant. However, calling out vendors tech as “does nothing” helps literally no one. But we also studied all of the others before putting out our own. We don use behavioral signals, or IP addresses. We also don claim to detect the fantastical botnets because we found they are a much cheap jordans dhgate smaller problem than cheap jordan trainers data center traffic which is only being blocked with IP lists (while all traffic operators use residential IP proxies). So our is different in that sense. Happy to explain more in detail what our patented method does. But cheapest place to buy jordans it an actual hardware check cheap jordans shoes , “Are you a human operable machine or a CPU in a server warehouse?” If you a human operable computer, we test you. Sort of like giving a shot of liquor to someone with no liver.The reason hardware cheap jordans com real checks cheap jordans size 4 can be gamed is that they are native to the machine, it not like passing a different domain in the ad call. That why I reference the analogy of giving a shot of alcohol to someone without cheap jordans website legit a liver. You cannot fake it, it will kill a person and cause a machine to crash/throw an error.We cheap jordans in stores are not saying other vendors cannot do this. We continue to encourage all vendors to adopt an exoneration method versus an incrimination method. Guilty until proven innocent, cheap jordan shoes rather than innocent until proven guilty.Hope that makes sense. That why I reference the analogy of giving a shot of alcohol to someone without a liver. You cannot fake it, it will kill a cheap person and cause a machine to crash/throw an error.You aren doing hardware checks. You are asking the client to do hardware checks. That an important distinction. So yes, it absolutely can be faked.But will it be? I have no doubt there a lot of dumb fraud out there, but you also don know how much other fraud is going on that you cheap jordans and nikes aren detecting. since by jordan retro 4 cheap definition. you aren detecting it.”The amount of real ad impressions shown to real humans on real publisher sites that have real content is extremely small like less than 1 percent of what is out there now.”Is counter productive, to put it mildly. How could Dr. Fou know that unless he monitoring every single impression? I think we can all agree he most certainly is not. Therefore there is no scientific basis for his statement. Maybe most of it is fraudulent, but putting a number on it (1%), there cheap air jordans for sale needs to be some quantification.I think having fraud researchers talk about the risk in the programmatic space is valuable. But hyperbolic statements like that throw everything else he saying into question and undermine the work other researchers do. That being harmful. To be cheap jordans retro 11 clear, I not saying we don work with any aggregators or intermediaries, especially for In App traffic its the only way to connect to that inventory. However, I spend my entire day working with publishers to get them setup via Header cheap jordans for grade school sizes Bidding or cheap jordans 30 dollars Direct Tag, and as well as our own systems, we work with 3 third party brand safety providers. Think about it this way Given that we probably work with several thousand publishers, is it worth us compromising our relationships with our 10 biggest buyers to work with publishers with IVT? No. I would sooner cut off 100 publishers than have a buyer cut us off.

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