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Trump is not dropping bombs all over the place

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More than your own survival and well being may hang in the balance. Those who depend upon you may be helpless without your counsel and guidance. Even if you cannot compel them to obey, you can, nonetheless, provide them direction and advice. All this just a couple days after a neighbor couple were screaming full blast at each other at midnight about getting someone to “take care” of the other. He was also beating her, and breaking shit. There was a crowd of adults and kids watching this.

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moncler uk outlet Lets come together and remove the media fed outrage. Lets look at the facts. Trump is not dropping bombs all over the place, he not rounding up brown people, he not rounding up gay people, he not doing any of the BS that some of you believe he is. Institutionally, the FBI’s modus operandi and DNA is to target and dismantle entire whole criminal organizations that’s why federal cases usually take so long: The agency starts at the bottom or periphery of an organization and works inward, layer by layer, until it’s in a position to build a rock solid case against the person at the top.”vaylon1701 561 points submitted 10 days agoBy modern standards, the Puritan were a cult, not a religion. They saw life as a struggle that required sacrifice and atonement to endure. Any pleasure or happiness was moncler outlet uk seen as a gesture from Satan to persuade you from your lifelong moncler outlet journey to reach cheap moncler coats heaven. moncler uk outlet

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